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Mining Made in Germany.

Mining Location Germany Deutschland

BitBunker is a Germany based full-service Blockchain company with the goal to revolutionize the way of Industrial Mining. Our team of engineers and hardware specialists have designed the most efficient way to mine digital currencies using renewable energy in Europe. We believe in the Blockchain as a future technology and are dedicated to it's integration in todays modern companies.

Industrial Mining

BitBunker builds and manages mining operations for investors to enable new ways of economic opportunity and prosperity. Our expertise in hard-, software and energy guarantees the most efficient way of mining possible. In order to secure high quality and transparency our facilities are built in Europe and run with 100% renewable energy.  

Mining for everyone

We believe in the Blockchain as a sustainable concept for technology, economy and even for society. Mining should not be a privilege. Therefore BitBunker is dedicated to expand the Blockchain community by making the access easy. Our self-designed Miners comply with the highest standards and were built to be secure and affordable.



Cryptocurrencies are just the beginning of this innovative technology. Many companies already optimized their work via Blockchain. Data security, autonomous low cost systems and decentralisation are some of the broad advantages of the Blockchain. Want to know how this technology can innovate and optimize the work of your company? We are devoted to offer individual Blockchain solutions which will fit your company.



Additional space in our facilities allows us to welcome mining operations outside of our normal contracting system. Get access to our high quality mining locations in Europe using renewable energy. BitBunker's goal is to achieve the best mining solution possible in cooperation with your company.



Jonas Dümmler

Founder, Head of Mining


Tobias Dümmler

Founder, Business Development

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