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Invest in something real.

Securing prosperity in the Cryptosphere seems abstract and risky. We at BitBunker are interested in sustainable collaborations and are dedicated to transparency. Our goal is to make investments within the Blockchain easy and secure.

Professional Management.

Our hard- and software engineers together with our analysts will manage your mining facilities according to the highest standards to guarantee a secure and efficient maintenance. BitBunker's enthusiasm for the Blockchain will provide you with the best and latest mining solutions possible.

Bitbunker Ethereum Monero Mining PC
RX 470
High Quality MSATA
Mining power supply
Power Chord
PCIE Riser Cable
Mining Motherboard

Transparency to the core.

We believe in sustainable cooperations and are dedicated to provide full transparancy. Our team will constantly update you with the relevant information and discuss the next steps with you.

You own the hardware.

At BitBunker you don't just buy Hashing-Power online.You legally own the miners bought from your investment. The miners will be operated as long as possible, instead of a fixed amount of time. Our team will maintain your miners according to the latest professionals standards.

Container Mining Farm
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