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100% Renewable energy.

The process of mining digital currencies consumes high amounts of electricity. In order to keep a green environment we at Bitbunker are making sure that all our mining facilities run on 100% renewable energy.

Dedicated to efficiency.

To maximize the profitability of your mining equipment, we optimized all possible cost factors. Our facilities were specifically designed for mining, reducing the cost for electricity and rent to a minimum. 

Bitcoin Gold Mining
Ethereum Mining
ZCash Mining
Monero Mining
Litecoin Mining
Electroneum Mining

Stay flexible, diversify.

Our mining profitability algorithms are constantly scanning the cryptocurrency markets and networks, analyzing hashing difficulty, exchange rates and other data to maximize your mining-revenues. World-class solutions in hard- and software allow for maximum flexibility and swift changes between cryptocurrencies.


All of our facilities were built with the highest possible security standard for outdoor mining.

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